About Us


Our Statement

  • To enlighten the word through the preaching and demonstration of the power of Pentecost.
  • Ministering with grace to people with high regard to the dignity of the individual.
  • To show Men and Women from all walks of life how excellence and greatness are achieved by dilligence, service & sacrifice.
  • To help Men and Women discover develop and deploy their God given potentials.
  • To raise Men and Women of character dignity and integrity with passion and pursuit of God and His kingdom.
  • Bringing meaning and fulfillment to those written off by background, society and circumstances of life.
  • Providing and enabling atmosphere for revelation, interaction and impartation for glorious relationships.
  • Preparing Men for leadership and responsibility and the Women folks for Beauty, Dignity and Care giving.
  • Igniting people with passion to pursue and fulfill purpose and destiny.
  • Perfecting and presenting saints for His coming.
  • Putting the devil where he belongs in the lives, Business, Marriage, Finances and Destinies of God's people.
  • Creating an enabling atmosphere where "GOD is possible" and a reality in worship.
  • Bring Men into the reality and experience of God's power as of old.
  • To ensure conformity to the standards of scriptures.
  • To awaken the consciousness and the lifestyle of the kingdom into Church people.
  • To teach Men how to handle, sustain success with godliness.
  • Lead Pastor.

    Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju

    Lead Pastor